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Injection moulding in medical technology

Injection moulding in medical technologyA prerequisite for injection moulding in medical technology is clean, reproducible and economical production. With ARBURG, customers have a partner who always considers the entire process. ARBURG s flexible clean room concepts meet the demanding requirements for precision and cleanliness. With specially equipped ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines, we ensure economic success for our customers.

To ensure that everything is correct from the outset, ARBURG provides its customers with precise advice even in the design stage. From implant to lab-on-a-chip to pipette tip: a suitable medical injection moulding solution is found for every application. ALLROUNDERs in stainless steel are particularly suitable for injection moulding in medical technology under particle-free and sterile conditions.
Further information about ARBURG clean room technology is available  here...

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