Micro moulding on ALLROUNDERs

Micro moulding comprises the fields of precision micro parts, microstructure parts and high-precision parts. Their production requires details and tolerances in the micron range. Today, various applications in the medical technology and IT sectors also even extend into the nanometre range. In the micro moulding sector, the requirements in terms of injection moulding technology are accordingly high.
ARBURG continuously develops new technologies for micro-part manufacturers. The product range includes a micro production cell with special equipment features, which ensures the constantly high-quality manufacture of the smallest components. The micro injection module and the micro injection unit combine an 18 or 15-millimetre screw for melting the material with an 8-millimetre screw for injection. This enables problem-free processing of normal granule sizes and therefore all common materials. The melt is fed continuously from the material feed to the tip of the injection screw. Consequently, the first-in-first-out principle is fully implemented, which compensates for the disadvantage of pure piston injection.
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